The Maker is a high-tech new generation fully electric plane created by Archer which will be the biggest part of the future of transportation. They call it “The Maker by Archer”.

It is as light as a Tesla Car and also 100 times quite than any helicopter. It is fully automated so you don’t need to fly it actually just select the destination and it will take you there. And it is also smart to so don’t need to worry about any dangers between flights. It is made for 2 people at least till now. It can fly up to 60 miles. And if you think it’s so expensive the single trip will take only $40 dollars. Awesome right?

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Slicepay is a loan app for the student which works as Buy Now Pay Later service. I’ve been using this app for almost 4 years now and my experience with it is Awesome…!!! It saves me in Emergencies and charges a very low amount of fees.

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It is…

Get rewards for paying credit card bills.

Bills can be so annoying especially when it comes to your credit card bill because you pay your whole month’s expenses in a single day. Credit cards are excellent when you know when to use them and how to use them. …

Roborock manufactures robot vacuum cleaners that can be controlled and configured via a smartphone application and is able to clean specific areas automatically or on a scheduled basis. Their sensors and software allow them to navigate the area independently. …

Your website got hacked? No worries…!!!

Because this webtool will help you secure your website in just minutes. Even if you’re already hacked it commits that it will fix your website in less than 4 hours. They fix all the Malware, Blacklists, Phishing, Defacements, SEO spam & Other issues to make sure you can get back to business immediately. That’s great, isn’t it?

And if you think that your website has been hacked you can always check using their Security Scan in just 15 seconds.

They also supports WordPress you can just download it’s plugin, install it, activate it and follow the instruction.

The biggest advantage is its interface it is so simple and clean that even a kid can use it.

Secure your website today…

Plevo | The Future Travel Bag

The world’s best smart travel bag is here. Plevo bags are available in 5 different series.

Up, Infinite, Runner, Urban & Journey.

The bags come with so many features including :

Removable battery : So you can charge your mobile phone and other devices anytime and anywhere.

Weight sensor …

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